It’s a match! Silky Smooth Set (Gel Polish + LART PRO Colour Powder, 28g)


LART It’s a match! Set consists of Gel Polish and matching LART PRO Colour Powder (28g) in 063 Silky Smooth shade.

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It’s a match! Set is the perfect duo of our gel polish and matching LART PRO colour powder (28g) in the same shade and beautifully packed in a linen LART bag. It is ideal for creating perfectly matching manicure and pedicure.*

LART hybrid gel polishes are a unique combination of durability and perfectly opaque colours with natural ones.

– Applying them to the nail plate is not associated with the risk of discoloration or other damage to the nails, and is completely safe for pregnant women.

– Our products do not contain harmful substances, creating, in combination with the base and top, an ideal coating that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

– The undoubted advantage of LART hybrid gel polishes is also very easy application and elegant, convenient to use bottles with a highest quality materials brush.

– You will find a wide selection of fashionable colours on offer – from delicate shades of rose and beige, through intense reds and purples, to beautifully shimmery that will make every manicure very attractive.

Provide your customers with the best. Complete your offer with LART hybrid gel polishes and create phenomenal manicures!

Size: 8ml


*They are also available separately

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8ml + 28g



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It's a Match! SET