The choice of nail professionals!

Do you want to upgrade your dipping system game and use professional-only system?

If you are an experienced nail stylist, have your own salon and think about the development of yourself and your business, choose LART Pro dipping system and become our business partner! This is a line for nail experts and its key word is DEVELOPMENT!

To start working with LART Pro it is necessary to undergo training in dipping system manicure, after which you will receive a certificate.

With LART Pro you work with 3 liquids with unique formulas, all with  dermatological safety certificates!

In addition, you have over 250 LART Pro colours and LART Supreme colours, i.e. a total of 350 colours + products for applying french manicure!

We understand that partnership is about more than just great quality products, that’s why support and development of your business is crucial for us!

Only for professional use.

Perfect formula and performance

Liquid products that you can use up to the last drop, perfectly pigmented colour powders! 1 colour powder is enough for 50 manicures and the cost of the starter kit pays off after 5 services!

Highest quality & durability

Which your clients value most – no flaking and scratches until the next application! 1 universal builder powder (28 g / 56 g), with which you will protect the colours from yellowing, rubbing and sunrays, and extend the nails to any length!

Suitable for all nails

Can be used with difficult nail plate or mechanically damaged nails. Thanks to vitamin E and calcium content, it evens the irregularities, enhances and rebuilds damaged nail plate, and ensures faster growth. It can be used to extend fingernails to any length!

Fast working time

You do not use a UV/LED lamp during application, so you save money and time. Skilled nail technicians can complete LART Pro manicure in 45-60 minutes on a natural nail plate!


Of LART products, which are completely harmless for pregnant women and diabetics. They’ve also been tested and have dermatological safety certificates to ensure the best for you and your clients!


We offer various trainings to ensure the best possible start on your journey with LART dipping systems! Our educators are here to support you and help you master your skills.

Want to apply LART PRO masterfully?

We encourage you to join one of our training programmes.