LART Gel Polish System

Created in response to the needs of nail professionals

LART is a world of innovative manicure products where passion and creativity combine

LART Hybrid gel polish range features all the benefits of hybrid gel and more:

  • Hybrid gel manicure lasts 2-3 weeks
  • It’s instantly ‘dry’ and hard after curing in LED lamp
  • Glossy and durable finish
  • Easy brush-on application from a bottle
  • Faster removal than traditional potted gels or soak-off gels (around 10-15 minutes)
  • Great pigmentation – you only need 2 coats of colour  which makes them fantastic for nail art
  • Low odour – hybrid gels don’t smell as strongly as nail polish or acrylic
  • LART hybrid gel polish range can be used for short nail extensions and repairs
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • They do not contain ingredients of animal origin nor GMOs
  • Wide colour range featuring over 100 colours
  • Comfortable brush & stylish and unique bottle

Infinity System – the builder gel system for stronger nails

The revolutionary Infinity System compensates for the damaged and uneven nail plate, thanks to which you will achieve durability of colour without patches and discoloration. It serves as a builder in a bottle to add strength and structure to nails.

Infinity Base is a revolutionary base that levels the natural nail plate. It’s suitable for damaged, uneven, weak and discoloured nails and requires no primer. Its ideal consistency enables accurate and precise application. In combination with Infinity Top, it is resistant to cracks and remains free of chips and cracks!⁠

Infinity Top is an improved top that together with Infinity Base creates a very durable hybrid system. Gives a perfect shine, especially after removing the dispersion layer with the LART Cleaner. Perfectly protects colours against discolouration, so it will work especially well in summer. It is recommended for French manicures and light and pastel colours – Infinity Top does not yellow.

The Infinity System gel polishes have a flat, short brush that facilitates precise application, and its unique formula allows you to extend your nails.⁠

LART Gel Polish System

Natural Nails Enhancement

Such as silica (hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation or allergies) and mica, used for the production of natural cosmetics.

Not Tested On Animals

In addition, they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, including genetically modified organisms.

Modern Packaging

Beautiful design and original, comfortable shape, make Lart a unique brand that impresses women.

Revolutionary Durability

Once you feel that the time has come, you can grow together with us by training and moving to the PRO level!

Hundreds Of Intense Colours

In the most fashionable shades that give you unlimited possibilities of creating masterpieces on your nails. Thanks to its unique consistency, the application of colors is simple and creating stylizations is a pleasure.

Comfortable LART Brush

Perfectly contoured, of the highest quality materials is a perfect tool for creating unique, creative stylizations at the master level.

Want to apply LART Gel Polish System masterfully?

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